Wondering if electronic cigarettes can help you to eventually quit smoking altogether? There’s a good chance that it could even though the FDA has not approved them as a smoking cessation device nor do the manufacturers market them as such.

The electronic cigarette manufacturers’ objective is to provide tobacco smokers with a cleaner, less harmful alternative that also makes it possible to feed your nicotine craving in public places.

E-cigarettes are a nicotine delivery system that eliminates the thousands of toxic substances (over 4000, to be exact) found in ordinary tobacco cigarette smoke. Since the amount of nicotine you receive can be controlled by switching from higher to medium to low strength cartride and even to no nicotine at all, it would seem logical that it could be used effectively to wean yourself off of nicotine entirely over a period of time. In effect, if undertaken with the goal of eventually freeing yourself completely from the addiction and dependency it could function very similarly to the way the patch, gum, inhaler and lozenges are used.

There have been no official studies conducted as of yet as to the success of former tobacco smokers who have quit using the e-cigarette. There are, however, several electronic cigarette/vaping forums where present and former users gather to make inquiries, post their experiences and success stories as well as lend support end encouragement to those who share similar goals. Some of these folks have been heavy smokers for decades and have succeeded in quitting altogether using the e-cigarette.

As with many endeavors most of us will find that we progress much more effectively when we align ourselves with like minded people. Personal research along with sharing of information at places like the ‘vaping’ forums previously mentioned can help us to make intelligent decisions about various products and methods of using them effectively.

For those of us finding it too difficult to quit or who enjoy the nicotine buzz too much to ever give it up completely electronic cigarettes provide us with a welcome and pleasurable means of maintaining our chosen lifestyles without infringing on the rights of others to breathe clean air. They’ll appreciate that. Plus, over time, once we’ve freed ourselves from the harsh, toxic chemicals that lighting up use to expose us to, we’ll appreciate not hearing “Daddy, you stink,” from our kids when we come home from work.