What are Electronic Cigarettes?

By now you’ve probably heard of electronic cigarettes. You’ve probably even seen a few in use, even if you were unaware of it. So what is an electronic cigarette? As the name implies, it’s a cigarette that uses electricity.

The traditional cigarette works by igniting tobacco tightly packed into thin paper. By inhaling, the smoker pulls air through the burning embers, commonly referred to as the ‘cherry’, and down the cigarette. This motion sends the smoke from the burning end of the cigarette down with the air, through a cotton filter (assuming the cigarette has a filter) and into the smoker’s mouth and lungs where the nicotine and additional chemicals are absorbed. Cigarette smoking is considered hazardous to the health of the smoker and the others around them due to these chemicals as well as the exposure to carbon monoxide that is produced from the burning cigarette.

In case you weren’t already aware, nicotine is a highly addictive substance and almost always leads to regular usage.

What differentiates the electronic cigarette is the lack of tobacco. Electronic cigarettes utilize an atomizer powered by a small lithium-ion battery to convert flavored liquids (commonly called e-juice or e-liquid) into vapor, which is then inhaled and absorbed into the mouth. Many of these liquids contain varying amounts of nicotine and are sometimes used by smokers as a crutch to help them quit. The electronic cigarettes have not been approved by the FDA as either a smoking cessation aid or a safer alternative to smoking due to a lack of regulated studies. What few studies have been done, however, point to the fact that vapor cigarettes contain far fewer carcinogens (if any) and the levels of nicotine are considered non-toxic when used appropriately.

Electronic cigarettes are a swiftly growing fad for a number of reasons. Though some are disposable, many are re-usable and contain batteries that can be recharged from car-chargers, USB ports, or even some that have their own portable charging kits, powered by a much larger battery. They come in many different shapes, such as the traditional cigarette shape for those who prefer the look and feel, or more discreet shapes that range anywhere from office pens to screwdrivers. Another part of the appeal comes from the range of flavors. While cigarettes occasionally break the tobacco/menthol blends for something a bit fruitier, e-juices come in a variety of flavors from imitating popular cigarette brands to drink flavors, fruits or even different desserts. Changing the flavor of a vapor cigarette is as simple as replacing the cartridge.

While electronic cigarettes are still relatively new (having first appeared in Japan in 2003) and have not been fully tested for safety, I firmly believe that we have discovered a way to save thousands of lives annually lost to diseases related to cigarette smoking. For more information, please refer to the sites listed below.…

Popular Methods to Quit Smoking

When you first start looking into methods to use to quit smoking, you’ll be bombarded by techniques, systems, plans and products. Trying to get a good feel for how all of these different quit smoking methods work and who they are aimed at is one of the first steps you should take. Is a method made for pack a day smokers or someone who only smokes a couple cigarettes a day? Is this plan for someone in good shape or just an average Joe?

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You don’t want to commit to a program that revolves around replacing smoking with something like hiking or jogging if you’re unable to take part in that kind of activity. If you’re active, you might not want to try a program that encourages something sedentary either. This works with anything, not just exercise. If you can’t do it, look for something more your style.

Here’s some popular and proven methods to quit smoking that really work.

Nicotine Replacement Products

We all know about nicotine gum and patches and these really work for a lot of people. The key to success with these products is following their suggested plan to the letter and starting with the highest nicotine level if you’re a heavy smoker. If you smoke a pack a day and jump in at medium strength, you might have some problems. Follow the directions and utilize their extra resources offered. Most of these replacement programs will have a free help or quit line and if you call them, you’ll have a “mentor” to help you set up a schedule and stick to it. You can also have someone to talk to. Quitline people are usually ex-smokers.

Hypnosis and Acupuncture

For a lot of us, these methods to quit smoking will sound a bit silly but they’ve been used for decades with pretty good results. Hypnosis can be done in an office or via online sessions or even audiobooks but acupuncture requires a couple visits to a licensed practitioner. Every few years these methods boom in popularity for a while and are picked up by news stations. It’s worth checking these out, especially if you’ve tried other methods without much luck. You can often find good coupons and double session promotions for local acupuncture clinics.

Electronic Cigarettes

A newer but just as effective method to quit smoking is to use an electronic cigarette or e-cig. These really satisfy because you get nicotine along with the satisfaction of smoking even though you’re not really smoking. You’re inhaling and exhaling water vapor that has nicotine in it. This is one of the safest methods available to quit smoking today and it’s also very affordable. You can get full starter kits for as low as $30 on some websites or larger kits to step down over longer periods for a little more. These products give you the most freedom because you can use them anywhere, can choose exactly how much nicotine you’re getting and wean yourself off nicotine completely while still being able to “smoke” like normal.

These are some of the more popular programs that show you how to quit smoking or offer you an alternative to the dreaded “cold turkey” method. If you’re unsure what method might be the best for you, take some time to do a little research about each of them or ask your family physician what they think.…

Using Electronic Cigarettes To Quit Smoking Can eCigarettes Work As a Stop-Smoking Aid

Wondering if electronic cigarettes can help you to eventually quit smoking altogether? There’s a good chance that it could even though the FDA has not approved them as a smoking cessation device nor do the manufacturers market them as such.

The electronic cigarette manufacturers’ objective is to provide tobacco smokers with a cleaner, less harmful alternative that also makes it possible to feed your nicotine craving in public places.

E-cigarettes are a nicotine delivery system that eliminates the thousands of toxic substances (over 4000, to be exact) found in ordinary tobacco cigarette smoke. Since the amount of nicotine you receive can be controlled by switching from higher to medium to low strength cartride and even to no nicotine at all, it would seem logical that it could be used effectively to wean yourself off of nicotine entirely over a period of time. In effect, if undertaken with the goal of eventually freeing yourself completely from the addiction and dependency it could function very similarly to the way the patch, gum, inhaler and lozenges are used.

There have been no official studies conducted as of yet as to the success of former tobacco smokers who have quit using the e-cigarette. There are, however, several electronic cigarette/vaping forums where present and former users gather to make inquiries, post their experiences and success stories as well as lend support end encouragement to those who share similar goals. Some of these folks have been heavy smokers for decades and have succeeded in quitting altogether using the e-cigarette.

As with many endeavors most of us will find that we progress much more effectively when we align ourselves with like minded people. Personal research along with sharing of information at places like the ‘vaping’ forums previously mentioned can help us to make intelligent decisions about various products and methods of using them effectively.

For those of us finding it too difficult to quit or who enjoy the nicotine buzz too much to ever give it up completely electronic cigarettes provide us with a welcome and pleasurable means of maintaining our chosen lifestyles without infringing on the rights of others to breathe clean air. They’ll appreciate that. Plus, over time, once we’ve freed ourselves from the harsh, toxic chemicals that lighting up use to expose us to, we’ll appreciate not hearing “Daddy, you stink,” from our kids when we come home from work.…